TS EAMCET 2 Cancelled Telangana Eamcet 3 on the way

TS EAMCET 2 Cancelled Telangana Eamcet 2 Cancelled

Telangana Eamcet 2 has been cancelled as per a statement by government of telangana Today CID has submitted it’s final report on EAMCET 2 paper leak  and arrested the people involved in the Eamcet 2 paper leak. For medical aspirants in the state of telangana its going to be tough and its time for them to prepare again as they thought that the stressful times are over as TS EAMCET 2 was conducted and results were announced by the time all as per scheduled and without any difficulties but as the paper leak scam in students are feared as they need to prepare and spend sleepless nights again for there is Eamcet 3 on the way for them to prepare they’re all in the whirlwind again. While the parents of the candidates are opposing the re-test, scores of Eamcet 3 of them are in the favor too. At this point, it’s hard to say what’ll be the outcome. All sights are set on state government’s decision whether or not it will hold the test again.

Clouds of uncertainty till yesterday but Ts  government has declared it as cancelled as it may face legal issues are prevailing over TS EAMCET 2 as reports are suggesting that state government might scrap the medical test and hold a new one. Yesterday, Telangana state minister C. Laxma Reddy said that government to cancel the EAMCET 2 and hold a re-test, although it’ll be finalised after CID submits it’s report on the case on Thursday and its decided it is cancelling TS EAMCET 2 and TS Eamcet 3 on the way.

Sources said a decision had been taken to cancel Eamcet-2, but an official announcement is likely to be made only after the CID report is submitted. The government wants to ensure that no meritorious candidate loses out.

The minister discussed the issue with principal secretary Rajeshwar Tiwari and department officials. Replying to a question on the involvement of various persons, Dr Laxma Reddy said clarity would emerge after the probe was completed. This comes amid a demand in both Telugu states to hold the Eamcet for medical and dental colleges again, for different reasons.

Surya Tej, brother of a candidate who got 3,000-plus rank in AP Eamcet, stated that the entrance exam was held on April 29 amidst confusion since Supreme Court was hearing the case on Neet.

“Students were in a dilemma on whether they have to write Eamcet or have to start afresh for Neet and their preparations were affected. My sister was scoring 155 out of 160 in the grand tests but she did not fare well in Eamcet,” he said.
“Those below 1,000 rank be opposing a retest but thousands of other students want the exam to be held again.

“Both tests can be held in few days gap and counselling be taken up in August. Some parents are seeking legal advice on this,” a coaching faculty expert said.
Mr K. Damodar Rao, parent of a student who took Eamcet-2, said, “The ongoing developments reflect irregularities took place in the exam. In this scenario holding a fresh exam is the best way to do justice to students.”

Top rankers did poorly in eamcet-1
Satish, the whistleblower of the Eamcet-2 leakage scandal, stated that he got suspicious after a few students got better ranks than their abilities indicated.
“Three students who fared poorly in AP Eamcet and TS Eamcet-1 but were ranked under 1,000 in Eamcet-2,” he said.

Eleven students from Warangal district, including his daughter, went to Vijayawada for short-term coaching for Eamcet-2. A few students, who did not get satisfactory marks in the preparatory tests held for two years, got good ranks in Eamcet-2. “How can you explain when one student who got 25,000 rank in AP Eamcet and 20,000 in TS Eamcet-1 gets a top rank in Eamcet-2,” he asked.

He said these students knew each other well, and hence the surprise. These students left the coaching institute way before Eamcet-2 without writing the final grand tests, he said. His daughter got 13,000-plus rank in AP Eamcet, about 7,000 in TS Eamcet-1 and 9,000 in TS Eamcet-2

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